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Invite by email

Use our email template, with suggested content to help summarise the theme of the survey to encourage your residents to take part:

Subject: Have your say in the second Resident Voice Index™ survey   

Dear Resident,  
The Resident Voice Index™ has just launched its second survey, titled ‘Community Support & Life after Lockdown’ and we would love you to take part. The project seeks to collect information from social housing residents, like you, on what could be done to improve their homes, communities, wellbeing and prospects. 

The first survey, which took place earlier this year received the input of almost 4,000 UK social housing residents, providing valued information and perceptions about the neighbourhoods and communities they live in. The full report and other content, such as Index Insights and Podcasts are available on the Resident Voice Index™ website.      

Have your say in the second survey  
We are pleased to extend our support to this project by inviting you to take part in the research. The survey explores your community support experiences, life after lockdown  and your outlook for the future.  

It’s completely anonymous and will never be traced back to you but the overall findings of the survey will be published on the Resident Voice Index™ website and will also be presented to housing providers and policy makers so that they can make changes to help improve the lives of social housing residents.   
If you could find around 5 minutes to complete this survey, we would be very grateful.  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7HHCQYD

You can find out more about the Resident Voice Index™ here.