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Community Action Plans

The Resident Voice Index™ Community Action Plans showcase the problem-solving power of communities in partnership with citizen-led organisations.

We can together create the vision of community that we dream of. We need grassroots community organisations that can take action against injustice and discrimination.”

Survey Respondent

Why did we create Community Action Plans?

Out of a desire to tackle some of the recurring issues that residents describe in answers to the Resident Voice Index™ surveys, we have produced tangible guides to community projects that have been set up and can be replicated by others.

These community plans shine a light on positive reactions to adverse circumstances by building something for themselves.

By taking these guides, we hope that other communities and organisations can also take some control over seemingly uncontrollable circumstances and harness the power of their neighbourhood to improve the lives of those within it.

What’s inside?

These Action Plans each take an issue and show a community’s solution to it in a step-by-step guide. The Plans break down what the project does and the issue it’s tackling, the steps to setting it up, how it’s run on a weekly basis, and the outcomes it achieves.

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