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Floorcoverings Community
Action Plan

Flooring or floorcoverings are a provided material to cover the floor
of a room, including carpets and hard floorcoverings (i.e., laminate
and floor tiles).

Flooring provides warmth and comfort as well as preventing slips and noise. The provision of floorcoverings helps to reduce furniture poverty.

So, in collaboration with Altair, we’ve put together a step by step action plan for Floorcoverings.

What is the impact of having no flooring?

  • Reduced tenancy sustainment
  • Creating a barrier to letting housing to homeless families
  • Financial hardships for tenants

Research suggests the benefits of flooring include:

  • Reduction in empty home rent loss
  • Reduced empty home turnover
  • Reduced empty home costs
  • Increased staff and tenant satisfaction
  • Reduced refusal rate
  • Significant improvements in tenants health and wellbeing
  • Reduced likelihood and severity of falls

Who are Altair?

Altair are a specialist housing consultancy working across the UK and internationally with a focus on adding value – whether you are a local authority, housing association, ALMO or private sector developer. Altair offer real world expertise, thought leadership and insight to help organisations achieve their objectives.

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