Survey Results

Neighbourhoods &
Communities Report

Neighbourhoods & Communities Report

Capturing the sentiment of almost 4,000 UK social housing residents, this report looks at residents’ sense of belonging, what matters most to them and their sense of safety within their neighbourhoods and communities.

Neighbourhood Safety

This Index Insight explores views on Neighbourhood Safety, and whether residents believe if their neighbourhoods are safe. We shares findings on what residents think could change to make them feel safer, and whether a sense of community belonging correlates to greater feelings of safety.

Neighbourhood Facilities
and Amenities

The second Index Insight from the Neighbourhoods & Communities survey takes a concise but in-depth view of the facilities and amenities that are within residents’ reach and how important they are to them. Expanding on the concept of the ’15-minute neighbourhood’, this report suggests actionable insights for housing providers, planners and policy-makers.  

Neighbourhood Belonging
and Caring

Breaking down the report findings into captured insights, this first Index Insight looks at the residents’ perspectives of belonging and caring within their neighbourhoods and communities.

Survey Results:
Neighbourhoods and Communities

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