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Food Hub Community Action Plan

The lack of access to healthy, affordable food is a topic that has come up time and again across Resident Voice Index™ surveys – from mentions of people skipping meals or using food banks, to suggestions that communities work together to grow more communal food.

We believe it’s time to take action.

What is a food hub?

A food hub is a community project that buys wholesale produce with a network of volunteers to bring healthy and affordable food to the community. They do this by assembling boxes of produce that they sell and that can also be donated to members of the community unable to afford them.

These boxes give far more value than what is available to people in supermarkets. The boxes that are paid for by members of the community, allow for our collective buying power to help our own households and the households of our neighbours.

Logo of Food Hub Community Action Plan starter, St Ann's Food hub

Who are St Ann’s Food Hub?

We created this Community Action Plan in partnership with St Ann’s Food Hub, who set up their community project during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

They build on average 60-80 boxes of fresh produce for their community each week and give away almost 40 of those to households in need across the London borough of Haringey.

Each box costs just £10 (for paying members of the community) and paid-for or not, can contain up to 20 varieties of fresh fruit and veg!

They are an incredible community organisation powered by volunteers and we are proud to have worked with them to bring you the secrets of how they made it all happen.

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