Survey One:
Neighbourhoods & Communities

Understanding a local area better means finding out what’s important to the people living there and critically, how they feel about that community and its facilities.

Normally, the first way that a neighbourhood is defined is by its geography, but geography alone can be limiting to define a neighbourhood. Collective thoughts and aspirations about the place you live are important to help create thriving communities, a place you can be proud of and call home.

Piecing together residents’ personal experiences, perceptions and their feelings will allow us to give residents, policy makers and housing providers the tools to improve – and that’s what makes a neighbourhood a community.

What we want to know

The Neighbourhoods & Communities survey will explore the first theme of the Resident Voice Index™ project. Built in consultation with social housing residents, the questions are designed to establish people’s feelings about their neighbourhood; how that sense of community could be improved and whose responsibility it is to make change happen.

The questions will also investigate the services and facilities that a neighbourhood contains to see how well provisioned it is, how safe it is, where there might be need for improvement and the role of the housing provider in a neighbourhood.

What we’ll do with your answers

Using your answers, we hope to be able to show the areas in the UK where social housing residents believe they are part of a neighbourhood and what it is that makes that community. Our hope is to help to provide evidence for policy makers, housing providers and residents to support changes in their communities.

All of your answers will be anonymous and will not be able to be traced back to you.

Do you live in social housing?

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The Resident Voice Index™ initiative is run by MRI Software Limited, part of the MRI Software group of companies. You can find more about our companies at

Your responses to the questions within the Resident Voice Index™ project will be anonymised and saved into a central repository. We will not be capturing any personal data (by that we mean information that could identify you, i.e. your name and contact details). Please do not include any personal information within your responses to the questions.

We intend to use the anonymised data for multiple purposes including internally within MRI to increase our knowledge about the social housing sector, but also to respond to governmental reviews and contribute to industry thought leadership. We also anticipate that housing providers and other stakeholders will use this information to improve their services and communities.

You are not able to remove or change your responses to questions once you have submitted them, so please take care when formulating your answers.

If you have any questions or queries at any time about how your data is being managed, please contact