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Cost of living: Crunch time

The cost of living crisis continues to push people across the UK into financial hardship, and with the anticipated October rise in the energy price cap, people are trying to prepare for the worse.

The Resident Voice Index™ project continues to shine a light on the perspectives of UK social housing residents. As this situation develops, it’s important to hear from you about how this crisis is continuing to affect your household financially. The latest short survey, Cost of Living: Crunch Time asks questions about this worsening situation, its impacts on you and what you think could be done to support residents in their communities.

More than ever before, it is vital that your views are put in front of those that have the power to make change happen. We will endeavour to do this and work with policy makers, housing providers, service providers and residents to help make positive change happen.

What we want to know

The Cost of Living survey is the third theme of the Resident Voice Index™ project.

Built in consultation with social housing residents and providers, the questions are designed to establish people’s feelings about how the cost of living crisis is affecting them and what will support communities to create positive futures.

What we’ll do with your answers

Your answers will help to show how social housing residents in the UK are being affected by the cost of living crisis. We will share these results as evidence for policy makers, housing providers and residents themselves. 

Your answers will not be able to be traced back to you or your housing provider and the survey should take around 5 minutes to complete.

Do you live in social housing?

If you would like to be kept informed of the publication of the results and be alerted to future surveys then please email us at asking to be added to the mailing list.

The Resident Voice Index™ initiative is run by MRI Software Limited, part of the MRI Software group of companies. You can find more about our companies at

Your responses to the questions within the Resident Voice Index™ project will be anonymised and saved into a central repository. We will not be capturing any personal data (by that we mean information that could identify you, i.e. your name and contact details). Please do not include any personal information within your responses to the questions.

We intend to use the anonymised data for multiple purposes including internally within MRI to increase our knowledge about the social housing sector, but also to respond to governmental reviews and contribute to industry thought leadership. We also anticipate that housing providers and other stakeholders will use this information to improve their services and communities.

You are not able to remove or change your responses to questions once you have submitted them, so please take care when formulating your answers.

If you have any questions or queries at any time about how your data is being managed, please contact