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Cost of Living: Crunch Time References

Preface (p.2)

  1. Record wage rises still outpaced by soaring inflation, BBC News
  2. Resident Voice Index™ survey results

Debt (pp.4-8)

  1. Resident Voice Index™ ‘Surviving but not living’ report
  2. The UK economy is about to be thrown into a black hole – by its own government, The Guardian
  3. More than two million UK households are in debt on their electricity bills, The Guardian
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  14. The Damage of Debt, The impact of money worries on children’s mental health and well-being, The Children’s Society
  15. Single mothers and debt?, The Debt Advisor

Families on the edge (pp.9-12)

  1. Gordon Brown: ‘Set emergency budget or risk a winter of dire poverty’, The Guardian
  2. Parents more likely to report increases in their cost of living, Office for National Statistics
  3. Families’ financial resilience fall to just 19 days amid economic crunch, Money Marketing
  4. Britain’s Evicted Kids, Channel 4 Dispatches
  5. Nursery for under-twos costs parents in England 65% of wage, The Guardian
  6. The Gender Gap: Insecure work in the UK, Work Foundation
  7. Pregnant then Screwed
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  16. More than one-third of single mothers in debt as former partners fail to pay child support, research finds, Independent
  17. The crippling cost of being a single parent during the cost of living crisis, Cymru Online
  18. The Wrong Blazer 2020, The Children’s Society

“Stuck between a rock and a hard place” (pp.13-15)

  1. Self-Efficacy and the Perception of Control in Stress Reduction, MentalHelp.net
  2. Stress-related illness the biggest health expenditure in the UK annually, Cigna
  3. 78% of low-paid workers say cost-of-living crisis is the worst financial period they have ever faced, Living Wage Foundation
  4. Consuming negative news can make you less effective at work, Harvard Business Review
  5. Asda Income Tracker
  6. Fifth of UK households now have ‘negative disposable income’, The Guardian
  7. More than one in eight UK households fear they have no way of making more cuts, The Guardian
  8. Lightning Reach website

A well faring state? (pp.16-18)

  1. Sunak eyes as much as £50 billion of UK spending cuts, tax rises, Bloomberg UK
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  20. ‘Unbelievable’ nurses are relying on food banks, says Gordon Brown, Sky News
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”What’s the point anymore?” (p.19)

  1. The cost-of-living crisis is a health emergency too, The Health Foundation
  2. Economic inequality increases risk taking, B. Keith Payne et al.

  The Resident Voice Index™ score (pp.20-21)

  1. Resident Voice Index™ Neighbourhoods & Communities report

Resilience (pp.22-23)

  1. Resident Voice Index™ Community Support & Life After Lockdown report
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Furniture Poverty (pp.24-25)

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Food (p.26)

  1. What we do, The Trussell Trust
  2. End of year stats, The Trussell Trust
  3. How the cost of living crisis is affecting tenants, Inside Housing
  4. Lowest-cost groceries have become 17% more expensive in the past year, ONS data finds, Sky News
  5. OLIO website

  Where do we go from here? (p.27)

  1. Resident Voice Index™ Community Action Plans
  2. St Ann’s Food Hub website
  3. Peabody Housing website

  Housing providers (pp.28-29)

  1. Kitty’s Launderette website
  2. New ‘Solar Homes’ given the go ahead, Pobl Group
  3. Cost of living: Swansea estate cuts bills by generating energy, BBC News
  4. Capping rents will hit social housing safety efforts in England, say landlords, The Guardian
  5. The rent cap could result in a net loss of more than £1bn for housing providers and have severe knock-on consequences, Inside Housing
  6. Social housing rent arrears hit record £1bn, Inside Housing
  7. DWP finds bedroom tax deepens poverty and doesn’t free up accommodation, Child Poverty Action Group