Resident Voice Index™ Community Support & Life After Lockdown survey launches!

The impact the pandemic has had on us all has been enormous and before the memories fade about the last year and a half, we believe it’s important to ask the Resident Voice Index™ community about their experiences in the Community Support & Life After Lockdown survey.

The survey will, over the next few weeks, aim to get a snapshot of what this time has been like for you and to gather your recommendations to improve communities.

The questions in this survey will ask about the services and assistance that communities received during the lockdowns, the feelings people had during that time, and explore whether the past year and a half has changed the relationship between residents and housing providers. 

The topics in the survey have been shaped by talking to social housing residents – we’re giving a run through of their thoughts from these workshops below. The results are set to be incredibly interesting, and the contributions to the survey made by you, will build insights for providers and policy makers to take on board and shape their future strategies.

Support during the pandemic

There was a mixed set of responses to this topic; some residents described housing providers that were a great source of support, while others spoke of inconsistent assistance. Some, in no uncertain terms, saw that their communities had received no assistance.


Regardless of who we are, our ability to cope under stress has probably been tested across the pandemic. Questions in the Community Support & Life After Lockdown survey will be looking for the difference in people’s feelings before and after March 2020.

Relationship with housing providers

In the workshop sessions, residents showed great levels of empathy for how housing providers coped in the first parts of the pandemic. However, it became clear that for attendees, this feeling might have begun to shift.

How can we move forward?

Across the Resident Voice Index™ project, people have spoken about the desire for housing providers to supply communities with resources to connect with and support one another. From that point, residents would then be able to take it on themselves. 

One workshop attendee described the difference taking ownership of communal green space over the pandemic made in connecting their community:

“Everybody’s starting to realise that they are part of the wider community around them, just through something little that might seem insignificant changing. Small things matter. I think that’s what I’ve learnt over the last year; small things matter.”

We are really looking forward to hearing from you again about these topics and building an understanding of what you believe are the best pathways forward. In the new year, your insights will be gathered into a report and shared for free with the social housing sector, residents and policy makers.

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